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Tata Sumo Grande Price

Rs 5,80,215* - Rs 7,79,043*

Tata Sumo Grande Review


The Indian automobile giant Tata Motors has handed over an all new MUV (multi-utility vehicle) Tata Sumo Grande to the Indian Auto Market with two different engine capacity models Dicor and Turbo. It is expected to be the most advanced next model of Tata Sumo which was released in Indian auto market long time back in 1997 and performed really tremendous on Indian roads and earned a great fame because of its performance.

Tata Sumo Grande Description :

Now Tata Tata Sumo Grande PictureMotors has launched an enriched model of Sumo Grande with two types of engine; company patented DICOR and Turbo after giving it more sporty, stylish and attractive look along with classy interiors and exteriors named Tata Sumo Grande MKII turbo and Grande Dicor. The best part about this MUV is that Dicor model comes with a powerful 2.2L DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) diesel engine that outurns a power of 120 PS at 4000 rpm and maximum torque is 250 Nm at 1500-3000 rpm that delivers a good fuel economy, with a great mileage, while Turbo engine powered variants of Tata Sumo Grande comes with 2.0 IDI TCIC 1948 cc engine which delievers maximum output of 90 ps at 4500rpm and maximum torgue production capacity is of 190 NM at 2000-3000rpm, which is going to take it top of the ladder in India.

Tata Sumo Grande is adorned Tata Sumo Grande Picturewith a complete new range of interiors like it accomodates a huge head, leg and shoulder space that makes it roomy and enormous. Powerful Alpine cd/mp3 music system is provided with a wood finished console for better music quality, seats are in three rows means occupants capacity is huge, cabin is made of dual HAVC, all the three rows are seprated with louvers on the roof. Both the models of all new Sumo Grande has got separate variants;Ex, Lx, Cx with the seating capacity from 7 to 9 occupants. So here if you are making up your mind to get a big SUV(Sport Utility Vehicle), then the real huge an MUV(multi utility vehicle). Tata Sumo Grande is going to be the right option, which is able to fulfill all the expectations of yours, a complete sporty,huge capacious and amazing comfort.

Tata Sumo Grande Models

Tata Sumo Grande Turbo 2.0 CX     This is again in 7& 9 side facing seats with manual express down window with the black colored bumpers and sump gaurd.

Tata Sumo Grande Turbo 2.0 LX     This is also in 7 & 9 side facing seats with manual express down window for backseaters, and available in black colored bumpers and grill.

Tata Sumo Grande Turbo 2.0 EX     This comes with 7 & 9 seater side facing, having all the power windows along with cd/mp3 player.

Tata Sumo Grande MK II CX     Its steering is adjustable in rake, hubcapped wheels, driver and backseaters seat are manually adjustable in length and rake.

Tata Sumo Grande MK II LX     It is a complete ac MUV with adjustable steering wheels in rake, with the same hubcapped wheels.

Tata Sumo Grande MK II EX     AC, steering wheels adjstable ub rake,central locking,power window front & rear, rear center armset.

Tata Sumo Grande MK II GX     AC, central, remote locking, driver seat adjustable manually length, height, rakemp3 player, fog lamps, rear defogger, rear wash wipe.
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Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Both the base variants of all new Tata Sumo Grande are really capable of executing a competitive  fuel economy even after being a really huge MUV(multi utility vehicle), it offers mileage arround 10 kmpl on average city roads while on freeways it reaches upto 13 kmpl.


The exclusive Tata Sumo Grande is been provided with two base versions, the first is 2.2 liter 16 value DOHC company patented Dicor engine which is of 2179 cc with the 5 speed manual transmission gearbox that churns out the maximum output of 120PS at 4000rpm and maximum toruque of 250Nm at 1500 to 3000rpm while the second version is with 1948cc IDI TCIC turbo engine that produces maximum output of 90PS at 4500 rpm with the maximum torque capacity of 190 Nm @ 2000 to 3000 rpm. So both the variants are carrying the most powerful engines.


The all new Tata Sumo Grande is out in the market with classy colours, its turbo variant is available in Arctic White, Arctic Silver, Mineral Red and Platinum Beige while its DICOR variant comes in Platinum Beige, Quartz Black, Mineral Red, Castle Grey, Walnut Gold and Arctic White.

Arctic Silver     Arctic White     Mineral Red     Platinum Beige     Quartz Black     Castle Grey     Walnut Gold
Turbo     Available with all variants
     Available only with Dicor models

Acceleration and Pick up

Both the base variants of brand new Tata Sumo Grande are powered by different different engines; dicor version is with 2179 cc 2.2L DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) diesel engine and second version has  1948cc IDI TCIC turbo engine, so both has a great acceleration, it has the capacity to cross 0-100 km in just 17.6 seconds.

Tata Sumo Grande Exteriors
Exterior Apperance

The all new Tata Sumo Grande has got a real Tata Sumo Grande Exterior Picturefascinating outlook, its all new grill is chrome lined with honeycomb mesh in the background that makes it really dashing from front, its mirror attached indicators add style to muv (multi utility vehicle), new steel wheel rims makes it attractive and sporty.

Exterior Measurement

As the fresh Tata Sumo Grande is getatable in two basal variants turbo and dicor, so dimension are too accumulated different, the turbo version's overall length is 4500mm, width is 1780 mm and height is 1940 mm while ground clearance is of 180mm while the dicor version has the lenght arround 4421 mm, width is 1780 mm and height is 1940 mm with the same ground clearance is same. The all new Tata Sumo Grande is madeup in a way that makes it upper than any other SUV sedan we have in india.

Tata Sumo Grande Interiors
Interior Appearance

The unique Tata Sumo Grande occupies a great Tata Sumo Grande Interior Pictureinside look, its seats are in new soft textured stuff with thicker foam for higher gratification, new silver inner door handles with faux wood central console, dual tone colour scheem is implemented with scratch resistance borders to make it much appealing, 3rd row seats are supported with flexible grab handle for easy entrance and exit to occupants. It has a real powerful alpine cd cum radio supported mp3 player which has an ipod interface that makes a ride more joyble.

Interior Comfort

The all new Tata Sumo Grande oTata Sumo Grande Interior Pictureffers a great inner comfort for all the travellers,the wheelbase is increased upto 2550 mm to make it much capacious and restful, even the 3rd row of the car is composed with a spacious legroom, headroom and backrest with roof installed individual AC louvers which gives a great ease to occupants, the new Tata Sumo Grande is featured with dual ac for front and rear, rest of the rows means second and third rows are with roof intergrated louvers with individual vents. Front seats of the sedan are adjustable in three positions that helps in posutring the back of rider in comfort at the time of long drive.

Engine Capacity and Performance
Both the variants of all new Tata Sumo Grande are powered with dominant engines, dicor model comes with a powerful 2179 cc 2.2L DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) diesel engine that brings out a power of 120 PS @ 4000 rpm with the  maximum torque of arround 250 Nm @ 1500-3000 rpm which means it remits a good fuel economy and a great mileage while Turbo engine model comes with 2.0 IDI TCIC 1948 cc engine that churns out the maximum output of 90PS at 4500rpm and torgue production capacity is of 190NM at 2000-3000  rpm.


The all new Tata Sumo Grande comes with 16 inches tubeless tyres of steel type, which have the minimum turning radius of 5.3 inches, and overall size of the wheels are 235 / 70 R 16.

Braking and Handling

The brand new Tata Sumo Grande has vacuum facilitated independent hydraulic brakes, its front is ventilated disc brake with twin pot caliper while rear are brum barkae which adjusts automatically  and ensures a stable driving and designed with the new suspension like Double wishbone front suspensions with coil springs that offers a great barrier free riding comfort.

Handling and Safety

As the suspension techonology of the new Tata Sumo Grande is designed in a way that alliviates comfort to the rider, so overall handling of the car is really amazing and effortless, as far as the safety part is concerned this offers some real advanced safety feautres for all the passengers like for better road visibility it is equipped with clear and 3 level motorized adjustable front lights, a powerful braking system to stop the car in any of the condition, side impact bars with door for side impact protection, anti key tap lock system that gets activated or locks the door when car is in no motion or speed has turned down to 10kmph.

Stereo and Accessories

Tata Sumo Grande Stereo PictureThe brand new Tata Sumo Grande is powered with a real dynamic 6 speaker alpine radio supported cd cum mp3 player which really offers a soothing music experience to travellers, it is accesorrised with lot of new features except the basics like nudge gaurd and door visor, stylish carrier over the roof, hood deflector, bumber protector, body kit, a compact fridge for keeping fresh to  edibles for the whole journey and last but not the least sensored reserve parking aid to locate the proper location to park.

Tata Sumo Grande Pros :

Power, capacity to move on different geographical areas

Tata Sumo Grande Cons :

Fuel economy
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